Golf in the WinterIf you are an avid golfer living in Ottawa and you want to play in the winter months, you either have to play indoor simulated golf or go somewhere warm.  What if courses in Ottawa were open all year round?  I came across this article Winter Golf: Possible and Enjoyable and it profiles a golf course in Chicago that offers winter golf and an annual tournament in January.  If you make sure that you stay warm, drink lots of water and got golf balls that would be bright enough to stand out against the white snow you can enjoy yourself.  There is no question that it would be a different game, and on the plus side you don’t have to worry about slow play because there are few people on the course and there aren’t any mosquitoes.   As Canadians, we are supposed to love the winter and the snow.  Winter shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to enjoy the game of golf, right?  I wonder if any of the courses in Ottawa would open up a course in the winter or think about hosting an annual snow tournament.

Winter Golf: Possible and Enjoyable