When you’re a golfer living in Ontario or just about anywhere in Canada, then you know for a fact that during the cold season you will hardly be able to find a golf course that’s open.

So if you’re wondering what local golfers do when it gets cold and courses are closed, well, they actually practice. Yes, there are things you can do to prepare for next season’s games during the winter season. Here are some tips:

 Check your swing with your bathroom mirror.

Or any full length mirror for that matter. A lot of golfers, when doing a backswing, tend to take their club too far inside leading to blocked shots. To perfect your swing, check it while looking at a mirror. To do this properly, the club shaft should be parallel to your left arm as you move to the top. Also see to it that your right elbow remains tucked to your side.

Improve your tempo.

You can do this drill indoors. Use a 5-iron and place another club right behind the club head in such a way that the shaft on the ground points to the target line. When you begin your backswing, push the club straight back to the left away from the target. Swing your arm and turn your body at the same time so you can move the club back. This pace (slow tempo) should be your pace for all your clubs.

Perfect your backswing.

When you have a great backswing, you can hit straighter shots. To practice, see to it that the club head travels down the target line instead of to the inside. Then make sure your right elbow is tucked in at all times.

Keep practicing these drills during the cold months if you don’t have access to a heated range so you can still work on your game even during winter.