The Benefits of Living the Condo Life

Let’s imagine for a moment that you finally make it home after a long day; you’re tired, you’ve had an early start, and you just want to come home, perhaps unwind a little, and not worry about any (added) maintenance or stress. Except, it’s summer time; your grass needs cutting, your yard needs work, and there are a few outdoor repairs that need some fine-tuning. Or, it’s winter – your laneway needs shoveling, and the ice that’s collected on your front steps needs some salting. Well, let’s not get too apprehensive just yet. In fact, what if I tell you that there might be a solution to lessening these (often undesirable) responsibilities? The answer: condo living.

  • Call the repairman! One of the most talked-about advantages to living in a condo is that someone else is responsible to do the maintenance and repairs for you, lessening any unwanted and unnecessary stress. Sure, you’ll have to consider budgeting these benefits into your condo fees, but hey, if it means finally tossing the shovel and mower – where do I sign?
  • Amenities, anyone? With condo living comes many perks, some of which at a convenience that you may not otherwise be able to afford. For example, most condominium buildings have swimming pools, saunas and enhanced security features such as entry buzzers and video surveillance cameras. Not to mention, of course, the added bonus of a potential gym and/or the option of having recreational activities that you can attend at your leisure with likeminded people. Nothing like exercising your mind, body and soul with new neighbours-turned-friends. 
  • Safety first. Another advantage to living the condo lifestyle is that there is always someone nearby. In other words, you become a part of a close-knit community where neighbours look after neighbours. Vacationers? Don’t sweat it. You’ll have peace of mind while you’re away. 

 Condominium living isn’t for everyone, but it is for people of all kinds: first time home buyers, investors, baby boomers, and millennials alike – the list goes on. If you’re in the market to buy, and like the idea of living with lower-stress, higher-comradery and safer lifestyle, perhaps condo living is perfect for you.