Springtime Sprucing

Necessary Spring Maintenance for your Home 

After a long, dark winter, the bright sunshine of spring is warming up your home. Birds are singing, trees are budding, the only downside to all this extra sunlight, is that it now shines light on your yard, and the clean up needs from last year’s flowerbeds, gutters, and leaves. But don’t let the pending chores dim your sunlight joys – we’ve composed a quick list for all your spring maintenance needs, so you can be back to enjoying the new-found warmth of springtime.

Why is spring maintenance important?

The most important thing to consider about your home in every season is to maintain or raise its’ value. One of the easiest ways to do this in the spring is to perform the necessary maintenance to ensure your home is protected against the weather, water, and of course, improving your home’s overall appearance. These maintenance chores not only maintain your home’s value, but can add value to your home.

Tips & Chores List:

Roof – Examine the shingles on your roof and take note of any that are damaged or missing. Ensure that they are properly replaced to prevent any leaking or water damage to the interior of your home.

Gutters – Clean out your rain gutters of excess leaves and debris to allow water to flow without obstruction. Check for any loose, or damaged gutters that need repairs. Ensure water flow and drainage is directed away from the foundation of the home.

Chimney – Have your chimney checked, cleaned, and swept by a professional to ensure it’s safe and in good working condition.

Faucets & Hoses – Check all outside faucets for freeze damage. To determine if the pipe inside the home is damaged, turn on the water and attempt to stop the waterflow with your finger/thumb. If you can stop the flow of water, the pipe inside your home needs replacing. Check garden hoses for damage, cracks, and/or dry rot. Repair & replace as necessary.

Concrete & Patio – Check concrete for cracks and fill with concrete crack filer / silicone caulk. Bring outdoor patio furniture out, and set up your BBQ to prepare for those summer nights that await.

Windows – Clean windows on the inside and outside. Check window seals for moisture or leaks and repair as needed. Check screens for any holes that could let bugs/flies inside your house and replace those as needed.

Decks & Porches – Check for loose boards, raised nails, broken boards etc. Fix, re-stain, and reseal as necessary. Replace damaged railings and ensure railings are up to code standards.

Foundation – Check for cracking/deterioration both inside and outside. Make sure that all drainage goes away from the foundation not towards it.

Landscaping – Clean up old flower beds, rake leaves, prepare new topsoil and apply grass seed to any bare spots.

AC & Furnace – Replace air filters, and allow AC unit to run for a bit to make sure it is still working.

The above are just some of the important maintenance tasks that should be on your mind with the arrival of spring. Obviously, there are many things that can be cleaned up, and might need minor repairs following the winter season, like filling potholes that may have formed, re-stabilizing patio stones/walkways, ensuring your outdoor machinery and equipment are in good working condition – the list can go on ad infinitum. The key thing to remember when it comes to spring maintenance is that all regular home maintenance is part of ensuring your home maintains or gains value. Maintaining your home allows it to continue to grow as an investment, as well as giving your home that fresh spring look.