Living in a golf course community first became popular during the 80’s and since that time it has become an accessible option in suburban life. If you’re among those who are curious but don’t know much about real estate, it’s best if you learn what the pros and cons are before making a move.

The Benefits

For starters you get a spectacular view of the greens, and it’s like having a professionally maintained lawn without the need to pay for the upkeep. For many people, having a clear view of the greens is all that matters. Secondly, this lifestyle affords you the opportunity to view various kinds of wildlife that occasionally run around as well as many species of birds.

For golfing aficionados the biggest benefit is having access to your favorite game at any time of the day, even at night, so there’s no need to drive somewhere far in order to play a couple of holes. There’s also the fact that these communities offer privacy and tranquility, plus you don’t have to put up with vehicle noise and noises generated by traffic. If you’re among those sick and tired of the noise and hassle that comes with city living, living in a golf community may be the answer.

The Drawbacks

However, there are some possible disadvantages that come with this kind of lifestyle. The biggest one of course, is having an errant tee shot break your window, and every now and then you’ll hear some carts beeping, leaf blowers or tractors in action. However, these don’t occur very often.

There are also other things you need to expect and be prepared for. For starters, not everyone living in such a community plays golf. Secondly, these communities are not just for retirees as young people are settling in, preferring the quiet environment they provide. You also need to understand that not all the homes will be on the greens, as some are a block or two off the course. That being said, your property will still be close to the course.

If you decide to live in a golfing community make sure you purchase an insurance policy that provides good rates for window damage as that will likely be your biggest concern. Finally, you should visit the site first and inspect if there is any design feature that might make your home prone to damage.