august-2016Summer Sizzle

“Sales continue to outpace 2015 numbers both in monthly and year-to-date comparisons.” Said OREB’s President. “However, we are seeing the typical summer slowdown in July compared to June’s record-breaking numbers. Units listed in both residential and condominium property classes have declined throughout the year, which has affected overall inventory levels. The number of active listings at the end of July 2016 is down about 15 percent compared to July 2015.”

“We are just over the mid-year mark for 2016 and our year-to-date sales volume is up by 5.3 percent over last year, ringing in at a whopping 3.6 billion dollars,” OREB’s president went on to explain. “Prices have remained quite steady in comparison to last year, with the increased number of units sold nudging the total sales volume up for the year.”

How to Pay your Mortgage Faster

Things like traffic, work and dirty dishes can seem to go on forever; your mortgage doesn’t have to. Even if you have signed on for a long mortgage, with payments scheduled to continue until you’re old, there are ways to speed everything up, experts say. It’s a matter of knowing your options and paying attention to detail.

“Obviously, there’s budgeting, where you cut back on some of your spending,” says April Dunn, a mortgage broker at Red Door Mortgage Group in Kelowna, B.C. “But that only works if you actually take the funds to pay down the mortgage.” If you can’t bear to give up that triple skinny latte with an extra shot and some foam, “there are other things you can do.” Some of these are simple.