The Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia is captivated by the rolling undulated terrain blanketed with yellow jasmine, azaleas, flowering peach and tea olive making it one of the fanciest golf courses in the world. The Masters® Golf Tournament is held each year during the first week in April and those who’re admitted are only those golfers holding a series badge. Usually, the PGA Tour have four majors and the Masters is one of the best tournaments because of its iconic green jacket. This tournament has developed a unique tradition because of its natural, green smoothly rolling landscape.

Masters Golf Tournament Travel Packages

There’s no need to sit at home and watch this event on your TV while you can actually visit Augusta and view it live. Masters travel packages are offered in various sites such as and may include area hotel reservations, ground transportation, Masters Badges, special events and much more. You can get full Augusta Tournament practice round packages as well as private home packages. Normally, practice round tickets are sold in advance through application because they’re limited. Non-member souvenir shopping and course visitation is available only during the time of this tournament, so why not take advantage? You just need to have a series badge or a practice round ticket.

What’s Different with the Masters?

Masters Golf Tournament is very stringent regarding to the number of badges Masters Badges available. It’s virtually impossible to purchase to buy Masters Badges directly from this golf club, that’s why buying a Masters Travel package is ideal. Overcrowding has never been witnessed in this tournament because the field has more than enough ample space. The golf club places a premium on the fan experience and this is one of the reason why they offer limited Masters Ticket sales.

Accommodation should never worry you as there are many high class suites in Augusta offering promotional packages at the time of this event. Also, there is a lot of parking space. If you’ve not planned for the 2015 Masters, you can still arrange for the 2016.