Custom Projects for Your Custom Home

Having a home built to your specifications is an exciting chance to have exactly the home you want, but it’s not the only step towards making your home truly your own. Once the construction is done and you’ve officially moved in, there are still lots of opportunities to make your home really special and ensure it fits your needs personally. Unfortunately, with the cost of building a house your budget may be running dry. That’s ok, we have some do-it-yourself design ideas that will make your home stand out without breaking the bank.

All about Walls

There are a lot of options for making your own customized wall decorations, including some that are often overlooked. Shelves are a great example of this. Shelves can be a lot more than just a place to store things. With some wood, some paint, and a little know-how, you can make custom shelves that will help with storage while also adding your own unique style to the room. Custom coat or key racks are another option for creativity that can be made out of almost anything, from clothespins to driftwood to repurposed mousetraps! Besides the functional, there is also a lot of room for creativity when it comes to decorations. You could use rope and glue to create word art, turn an old shirt or favourite puzzle into a piece of wall art, or get a favourite photo enlarged and turn it into a wall hanging.

Light and Shadow

Every room needs some kind of light, and the way you light a room as another avenue for creativity. Specifically choosing lamps you think add some interest to the room can be an affordable option, depending on where you find them, or you can decorate an inexpensive lamp with rope, paint, fabric, or a new shade to make it unique. You can also change the bulbs of a light to create interesting effects by increasing or decreasing brightness, though you should make sure you are always using safe bulbs for your fixture. If you’re feeling really experimental, you can also use shades and furniture to create artistic shadows in a room. Just make sure you can still see.


An easy way to make your home unique is to change up your furniture. A quick coat of paint or stain can make a wooden chair or bookshelf look totally different without much expense, and reupholstering chairs can have a similar effect. Adding other types of small touches can also make a big difference, like using brass tacks or stencilled designs to decorate furniture, or even using wallpaper or a favourite picture to resurface a table. If you are handy and have the tools you can even try your hand at building your own furniture. You can really let your creativity out this way, and can end up saving a lot of money if your only cost is raw materials.

Green Space

Adding plants to a room is another way to make the space unique to you, whether that means a potted plant, a window garden, some decorative cacti, or even some fake plants that capture the feel without the need for watering. Artfully arranged plants can really brighten up a room, so pick some that match your personal style and you can’t go wrong. Lots of plants can be bought affordably too.

Running low on budget doesn’t mean you have to run low on style. A little hard work, some bargain hunting, and a bunch of creativity can make any space uniquely your own. Give it a try and see what you can come up with.