The time has come where you and your family have decided to move into a home that’s brand new, and specifically built to satisfy your customary needs. We must begin, however, by asking ourselves a few necessary questions: how to begin. Who to contact. Where to build. How much you are willing to spend. Whether you’d like to hire a smaller building company over a larger one; or, reversely, you’d prefer going with a larger builder over anything else. Regardless, one of the very first logical steps that you’ll find helpful in embarking on this endeavor is to decide upon a builder that best suits what it is that you’re looking for, as each builder (based primarily on its size) differs from the next. After all choosing the right builder for you, “can mean the difference between having a house that doesn’t quite ‘fit’ and having a home where you feel you and your family truly belong”.


Although hiring a custom builder – in other words, a smaller building company – can seem a little bit more costly than its competitors (the larger companies), they always aim to offer you “the home of your dreams at a price that works [within your budget]”. Below is an accurate list that outlines some of the advantages of going with a custom builder, rather than a larger company, when it comes to constructing the ultimate home you’ve been waiting for:


  1. Customize! It goes without saying that hiring a custom home builder will, in turn, build you your customized home. Rather than rapidly building a house, smaller companies will carefully and diligently complete each task at hand to your


  1. Individualize! Larger companies are usually given quotas to maintain when it comes to building many homes at a time. A smaller builder, on the other hand, “offers an individualized approach that’s focused more on your unique needs”. These are the types of workers that can empathize with you in order to truly gain a better understanding of what it is that you and your family are looking for.


  1. Serve! Sure, most companies (size aside) will strive to provide you with some of the best customer service around town. However, it’s wise to tread through these waters lightly. You see, often times larger companies have multiple projects, and many customers on the go at a time. Take that as you may, a smaller company has fewer customers (most of which are based on the magic of referrals) thus leading them to be able to spend more time being there for you when you need them, and focus on making your experience with them the best that it can possibly be.


We encourage you to read this article in full. Remember that, yes, there are a lot of advantages to hiring a custom builder, but you also want to make certain that you choose the one that’s right for you, and with the proper warranty coverage. Tarion Warranty Corporation, for instance, ensures that “new home buyers receive the statutory warranty coverage they are entitled to under the [Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act]”. For more information on this act, you can follow this link and read up on its details in full.


I do a lot of work with smaller building companies and would love to guide you toward one that is best suited for you. If you have any questions and/or inquires on this topic, feel free to contact me and I’ll provide you with the information that you’re looking for.