Are you “Sale-Ready” for Spring?

Are you looking to sell your house this spring? Are you ready to say good-bye to the old, and in with the new? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to take advantage of this years’ spring market! Get your house “sale-ready” with these quick tips and tricks! Spruce up for springtime, let in the light, and watch the showings line up!

1. Contact a Realtor

First thing first, contact a Realtor to discuss options and make a plan for how and when your home will be on the market. Find out what little improvements can be made to your home from the perspective of a relator, then get ready to spring into action to get your home staged, and sale-ready.

2. Clean

Catch yourself a spring-cleaning bug and get busy. Brighten up your home with sparkling windows, and fabulous décor. Make sure your bathrooms are shining, and your bedroom seems like you don’t even live there!

3. Purge & Pack

Clear out the clutter in your home, and get a jump-start on packing by tackling those “big projects” you’ve been meaning to organize (like the garage). Purging and packing is an important part of preparing to sell. It removes unnecessary clutter, packing, and stops you from moving the clutter from one house to the next.

4. Repaint & Replace

Brighten your home up with a quick coat of paint, in a neutral colour, and refinish the trim in each room. Touch up any paint chips, and scuffed ceilings to put that last bit of sparkle into the room. Replace any mismatching outlet covers, cupboard handles etc. to create unity throughout your home

5. Stage

Home staging is about creating an illusion, to create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere, which allows potential buyers to feel at “home” in your home. Use towels, throws, and pillows in light, soft spring colours (such as yellows, pinks, lavender, blues) to lighten up a room, and set up fresh flowers (such as lilacs) to add a gentle, natural fragrance to your home.

6. Renovations

Don’t fret, major renovations aren’t a necessary step in selling your home, however there are many small, DIY projects that can increase the value of your home, while improving it’s overall appearance to potential buyers. These small DIY projects are aimed to add ambience, but not break your bank. Look on sites like Pinterest for project ideas, as they can deliver big returns in the end.

7. Landscape/Spruce Up Outside

Everyone knows that winter takes a toll on the backyard, but that doesn’t need to be a drawback at your home! Clean up outside by raking any old leaves left behind from the fall, pressure-wash your siding, and/or set up the patio set to give buyers an idea of what their summer nights could be! Weed any flower beds that are surrounding your house, and try adding a few potted plants (inside and/or outside) to give buyers an idea of what their new backyard could be, with it’s natural beauty as a key feature.

8. Brighten up your Bathroom

 Adding a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room, but it is especially key in a bathroom. If your bathroom is small, or seems dark – adding a new coat of light, neutral paint is just the beginning. Ensure the windows are clean, and try to use as much natural light as the room will get. Get a new neutral coloured shower curtain, with a simple new vanity set and bath mat to create a simple, but satisfying change. Add fresh or fake flowers during showings to bring a pop of colour into the often overlooked, but ever so important, bathroom.

9. Kitchen Catch-Up

 The kitchen is the one room where everyone seems to end up in during a dinner, or party, so make sure your kitchen gives potential buyers that “wow” factor. By simply adding a backsplash, or changing your faucet/sink, you can give your kitchen an entirely new feel and look!

10. Update!

If you have light switch covers or doors that look like they may just be older than you, it’s time to update those to 2018. Bring the spring into your house by replacing old or faded doors, light-covers, lights, and/or accessories.  If you want to give potential buyers a big welcome, replace your front door to create a fresh, bright entrance to your home!


Although there are many DIY projects, and updates that can be done to prepare yourself for the spring market, those listed are some of our favourites. Give your house the extra sparkle it needs to get as much attention as possible within the market. If you want to spring into selling, make sure you do your research, contact your relator, and get ready for project mode. You’ll be bringing the sparkle all the way into your home so get prepared to move, with shine like that, your house will be sold in no time!