Happy New Year! 2017 has finally landed, and as such, so has a popular housing trend. Recognized within and among several communities around our City – drum roll please – we introduce to you: greener homes. As an effort to promote a more reliable – affordable – and breathable environment, our province has officially upgraded the Ontario Building Code to emphasize the improvement of building quality in order to enhance energy efficiency.


Put into place as of January 1st, 2017, the Code will allow for homes across Ontario to be built based on a certain efficiency standard that will nonetheless enhance energy. According to a recent article in the Ottawa Citizen, “homes built to the current standard lose roughly 30 per cent of their heath through leakage and ventilation. Code updates, which include higher standards for heat recovery ventilators and encourage more air tightness, should reduce that to about 20 per cent”.


At an estimated cost of adding only a mere $1,500 to the overall building price of your home (presuming, of course, that you’ve chosen to build new), you – the homeowner – will find yourself saving significantly, elsewhere. For example, “cutting heat loss will reduce homeowners’ operating costs, make homes more comfortable [and] will also move us closer to the provincial target announced earlier this year of achieving net zero carbon status for all new homes by 2030”. Great news for Ontario as we’re already on the fast track toward energy-friendly, Energy Star living.


Builders in our province have already become noticeably greener. In fact, they’ve made it so that “32 per cent of new homes [are] Energy Star certified” and are continuing to work toward making all the right changes that are necessary in taking “a step in the right direction for greater energy efficiency“.